Fasting Tea – Ayurvedic Herb Blend Teabag Sachets

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This blend can support you in times of moderation. It was harmoniously composed using old Indian recipes. The intense, spicy, flowery scent and taste let all ingredients fully unfold. Especially the slightly tangy taste of mate is perfectly supplemented by the fresh note of lemongrass. This blend can be drunk either cold or warm and surely makes every fasting period easier to bear. Yerba Mate is perfect for intermittent fasting. Yerba mate is a natural appetite suppressant. Its caffeine content helps you feel less hungry in a matter of seconds, as well as gives you the energy boost you need without food.

12 Teabags (AVG. 24 CUPS)

Ingredients: Green Mate tea, Lemongrass, Rosehip Peel, Ginger Pieces, Black Pepper, Cardamom (whole), Basil, Rose Petals, Roman Chamomile.

Important: Always brew with boiling water and let infuse for 5-10 minutes in order to obtain a safe beverage!

Steeping Instructions


  • STEEP TIME 5 – 10 Minutes

  • SERVING SIZE 1 Teabag/8 Oz