Japanese Matcha Tool Set

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These matcha start up kit include all the accessories will need to make a delicious matcha and experience the wonderful of the Tea Ceremony. Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk, Whisk Stand Holder, Scoop and Small Spoon.

  • The bamboo whisk (chasen) handmade from a single piece of natural bamboo.The perfect authentic tea tool for achieving a light froth!
  • The bamboo tea scoop (chashaku) are perfect for measuring out matcha powder and scooping tea out of a round tin.
  • The bamboo small spoon ideal for keeping your matcha from settling as you drink it just stir before each sip or as your matcha begins to settle.
  • The matcha whisk stand (Holder) made of exquisite ceramic, This stand protects the shape and integrity of the bamboo matcha whisk.