Sencha Tea Eco Teabag Sachets

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The greatest of green teas! Enjoy this traditional organic “Japanese style” green tea from China. For a mini caffeine-kick, or even a refreshing evening steep, these leaves come deep steamed and carefully dried for a gentle grassy finish. Sencha is frequently consumed warm and at all hours of the day in Japan. With moderate to low levels of caffeine, it can provide a nice boost without keeping you up at night. Sencha is well known for its potential health benefits, high levels of catechins,- a type of antioxidant. This sencha is sure to soothe.

12 Teabag Count (AVG. 36 CUPS)

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea

Steeping Instructions


  • STEEP TIME 3 Minutes

  • SERVING SIZE 1 Teabag/8 Oz

By preparing tea using this method, you can re-steep the same teabags up to three times.