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The Product

The Lewis Tea & Co, a premium loose-leaf tea experience, sure to engage your senses and take you on a joyful journey through fields of flavor from around the world. Each of our products comes with the Lewis Tea & Co guarantee that it’s been ethically sourced from the top 2% of camellia sinensis (tea plants) worldwide. You’d probably be surprised to learn that most tea bags contain up to 25% plastic which can seep into your steep. This is just one of the many reasons that makes loose leaf tea superior. At Lewis Tea & Co. we use biodegradable unbleached corn fiber for our tea packaging. Additionally, our teas are made with the cream of the crop in each category of locally sourced leaves while it’s the dust and crumbs from these leaves that are used in pre-packaged tea-bags. Beyond a wholesome, superior grade of leaves, you can also enjoy premium health benefits from our teas such as help with lowering cholesterol, aiding weight loss, treating inflammatory diseases, controlling diabetes, strengthening the immune system and even fighting cancer.  Welcome to the luxurious league of loose-leaf lovers. 


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About Us

Hi, I’m Monica and I was a coffee addict… Seriously! 4 to 5 cups of cuban-coffee a day couldn’t even give me my caffeine fix anymore. My husband on the other hand, hated coffee but we did agree on tea! After some chats with my doctor, I decided it was time to wean myself off of the cuban-kicker, and give the tea thing a try. Needless to say, X years later, coffee is now history! I started trying lots of teas from all different types of places, but the flavor and energy always came up lacking.
Fast forward to September 2009, I stumbled into a tearoom which served loose leaf tea with a strainer. Though initially intimidating, from the first waft of the tea, I was hooked! The flavor was robust, I had caffeine choices for winding up or herbal options for winding down, all using real tea leaves. This began my “tea-nlightening”. I learnt about real genuine teas, the regions they grew in, the seasons in which they’re plucked and a whole lot more! I couldn’t help but share my new-found awakening of flavor, wholesome contents and my caffeine-fix too, with YOU!
Now it’s 2020 and though the tearoom is no more, I began deep-digging for the creators of that tea. After finding them and creating our own bespoke blend, I began further exploring the business of tea by visiting numerous tea rooms, manufacturers and suppliers. I knew it was high-time to deliver premium loose-leaf tea and so was born Lewis Tea & Co. We source all of our teas from the top 2% of all teas worldwide and have hand-blended elements of all our favorite teas to provide an experience for the tea-novice and tea-aficionado alike. Tea is now a staple in the Lewis household and we’re so excited to share our love for leaves with you.