Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe (Hot or Iced)

Wake up in the morning with a rejuvenating, nutritious matcha latte. This fast and easy recipe compliments and offsets the fragrant, leafy taste of matcha green tea powder with creamy milk and a little sugar for a flavour balance that will leave you feeling ready and raring to go. Delicious hot or cold.

• ¼ teaspoon matcha powder latte
• 2 ounces boiling water
• 6 ounces additional boiling water or steamed milk of choice, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, dairy milk, etc.
• Maple syrup, honey, or other sweetener, optional

• Sift the matcha into a mug or small bowl to get rid of any lumps.
• Pour in the 2 ounces boiling water. Using a matcha whisk or small regular whisk, whisk briskly from side to side until the matcha is fully dispersed and there is a foamy layer on top.
• Add the remaining 6 ounces boiling water or steamed milk and whisk again until foamy. Sweeten to taste, if desired.


Ceremonial Matcha Recipe


  • 1 teaspoon  Matcha ceremonial grade green tea powder
  • 1 cup hot water (not quite boiling – 165°F to 180°F)


  • Clean all of your utensils well, then scoop the matcha into a bowl or cup.
  • Ladle, or slowly pour, the hot water on top of the matcha.
  • Using a traditional bamboo matcha whisk or a handheld electric milk frother, whisk the mixture until a light foam covers the top.
  • If desired, add a natural sweetener like honey, stevia or agave.